VSOrdnance LLC stands behind every item we produce. If the product fails due to a manufacturing, assembly, or material defect, and you have not modified or abused the item, it will be repaired or replaced for life. Modification or alteration to these parts voids all factory warranties.

VSOrdnance is not responsible for items intentionally/accidentally damaged or destroyed, or products damaged by abuse/poor maintenance.
This warranty, and the only liability accepted by VSOrdnance LLC., is limited to the repair or replacement of the part or parts which are returned to VSOrdnance LLC and are determined by VSOrdnance LLC to be defective.

VSOrdnance LLC does not accept any liability for personal injury or damage to other assemblies (rifle, barrel, etc.).

VSOrdnance LLC provides installation advice for reference only– we accept no liability for any advice given.
The following items are excluded from this warranty:
1. Normal wear of product finishes and of all metal or plastic parts.
2. Damage or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse or unauthorized repair or modification.
Addendum: Use of remanufactured ammunition, factory or otherwise, is classified by VSOrdnance LLC as misuse. Damage resulting from the use of remanufactured ammunition will not be warrantied. We strongly suggest you use quality, factory new manufactured brass cased ammunition.
Painting or application of other coatings is considered modification as it can dimensionally change critical components if done improperly. Functionality issues resulting from such modification will not be warrantied. If you are interested in getting your firearm cerakoted, please contact us and we will point you toward our preferred shops. VSOrdnance LLC will only warranty products coated by our trusted network.