300 BLK Once Fired VSO Range Brass (100 Count)

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VSO Range brass is once fired, unprocessed, and raw in a variety of grades:

Grade A: Picked up same day as fired

Grade B: Picked up within 6 months of firing 

Grade C: Sat long enough to oxidize,

Grade D: Grade C but some of the casings may have been run over.

Depending on condition there may be extra pieces included to account for unusable casings, misidentified casings, and public education math errors

All sales are AS IS

If you intend to make purchases in excess of what is listed as "in stock" or you wish to purchase more than casings at a time please send a message through the contact form so we can mitigate shipping charges by packaging differently. There is A LOT of brass on this range and we arent going to pick it up unless there is a reason.

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